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               Greenville Diwali Food Drive is a non-profit organization that strives to make Greenville a hunger-free zone. Our determination and your support have driven us to re-establish this. 


                 Our journey started as a small dream in the eyes of a few seventh graders in the fall of 2017. That year we included the Telugu Association of Greenville and had our first event at Conestee Park. We raised 500 lbs of food and it was a major success!


                  The next year, we decided to get even more involved and include the Indian Association of Greenville and the Vedic Center to promote our cause. With all your support, we raised 4000 lbs of food!


                The consecutive year, 2019, with the help of generous donations and dedicated volunteers, our team managed to raise 8,000 lbs of food to be donated to Project Hope and Loaves and Fishes, local food banks that donate food to those in need.


                  This year, in the midst of this global pandemic, the rising unemployment rates, and poverty, your donations are needed more than ever! Please help us reach our goal of 10,000 lbs (5 tons) of non-perishable goods and more importantly, let's light up a life together. We hope to bring the community together virtually and distanced. Donate on our website today!

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